Articles About Ramute’s Art

Compiled Articles (PDF): Articles in various Lithuanian publications

Compiled Articles (PDF): Articles in various English publications

1982 Gimtasis Krastas

1982 Musu Kalba

1990 Imti ar Neimti

1992 through 2001 Southdowners

1996 History of the Lithuanian Language

2008 Portsmouth UK

Toronto Public Library (PDF): Excerpt from Summer 2008 The Magic Door newsletter 

University of Minnesota (PDF): Excerpt from June 2008 Friends of Sherlock Holmes Collections newsletter 

Draugas 2008 (PDF): Excerpt from August 2008 Draugas newspaper

2009 Siaures Amerikos Lietuviu Kalba

Draugas 2009 (PDF): Excerpt from April 2009 Draugas newspaper

Lituanus (PDF): Excerpt from 2009 Lithuanian Quarterly journal

2013 Lithuanian Foundation

2015 Per Skautybe Lietuvybei

2019 Draugas